Sunday, June 10, 2012

11 June 2012

Name: XiaoFang
Contact number: 9278 8112
Address: 2 Jalan Kukoh, #01-153, S(163002)
Reason: Request to cancel her order after I have sent a reminder for payment via SMS on the last day of payment. (I felt lucky that I'd rejected her for sending her order to wholesaler before she made her payment)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

3 June 2012

Name: Ferllin Quek
Contact Number: 9359 9142
Bank Type & Account Number: POSB SAVING 228-26778-3
Reason: MIA after placing order for Maymaylu#10

Name: Yuki
Contact Number: 8590 1395
Reason: MIA after placing order for Maymaylu#10

Name: Ferlynn
Contact Number: 8222 1292
Address: Blk 428 Hougang Ave 6 #08-04 S(530428)
Reason: MIA after placing order for ELF Spree#4

Name: Wong Hwai Ling
Contact Number: 8339 0601
Address: Blk 31 Bendemeer Road #12-855 S(330031)
Bank Type & Account Number: POSB Saving 068-96017-7
Reason: MIA after placing order for ELF Spree#4

Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Dec 2011

Name: Suguna
Address: Blk 537 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #03-4060 Singapore 560537
Reason: MIA after confirmed order

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Name: Liting
Contact no: 9649 9764
Address: Block 720 Woodlands Avenue 6, #02-600 S(730720)
Bank Account No: Posb savings 338-01761-8
Reason: (Purchase from Victoria Secret)
Promised to make her payment at the end of July 2011, but yet to receive. She is very demanding as she will always say,"Can I transfer to you end of the month? As I'm waiting for my pay." - This is her 2nd time didn't keep her promise and make her payment on time.
To everyone: If you don't have money or any savings like her, please don't purchase from me and PLEASE obey my T&C. My T&C are not display for fun. ^^

Name: Lim Hui Xin
Contact Number: 8138 0931
Blk5A Marsiling Drive #10-463 Singapore 732005
Reason: (Purchase from Your Fashion Shop)
No payment receive since she had sent her order. Reminder for payment had been sent 2 days before closing date.

Name: Weien
Contact No: 9633 9652
Bank Type & Account No: POSB savings 104-77353-2
Reason: (GEO Lens Preorder#6)
No payment receive since she had sent the order.

Name: Maggie
Contact No: 8524 1204
Bank Type & Account No: POSB savings 104-77353-2
Reason: (GEO Lens Preorder#6)
No payment receive since she had sent the order.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Name: Grace Goh
Contact No: 9029 7185
Reason: Went MIA after sending her order

Name: Li Ting
Contact No: 9649 9764
Reason: Went MIA after sending order

Name: Vanny
Contact No: 9112 1641
Reason: Went MIA after sending order

Name: Ying Shi
Contact No: 9109 7710
Reason: Went MIA After sending order

Name: Hazel
Contact No: 8182 8540
Reason: Went MIA after sending order

Name: Pei Shan
Contact No: 8180 5667
Address: Blk 515 Choa Chu Kang St. 51 #**-86 S (680515)
Reason: Back out her order with NOT acceptable reason.

Name: Ma Yi
Contact No: 8101 1884
Reason: Went MIA after sending order

Name: Gwen
Contact No: 9222 2243
Reason: Went MIA after sending order

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Name: Whitney
Contact No: 8100 3572
Her BlogShop:
Her Personal Blog:
Reason(s): Back out order

Name: Amirah mydin
Contact No: 8284 9704
1. Failed to make payment from 25 July to 18 Aug [It's a LONG time, huh?]
2. Email and SMS-es for payment reminder on 2 days ago

Name: Candy Tan
Contact No: 8112 0040
Address: BLK 488, Jurong West Ave 1, #11-133 Singapore(640488)
Reason(s): Went MIA after sending her order [5 Items from Betwo#3]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Name: Conei
Contact No: 9782 4023
Reason: Went MIA after placing order on 3 sticks eye shimmers

Name: DengLing
Contact No: 9199 4546
Mode of Collection: Normal Postage
Address: Bishan Street13 blk189 #08-439 (S'pore 570189)
Bank Type & Account Number: POSB SAVING 228-47697-8
Reason: Ordered 2 pair of lenses after asking for payment

Name: Hui Li
Reason: Ordered a pair of lenses after asking for payment

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Name: Misha
Contact No: 8233 9331
Address: Blk 156, Simei Rd #04-332 Singapore 520156

Reason: Dishonest, Bad Attitude & Impatience
Used to be the owner of

Also Blacklisted by:

She had joint my Hong Kong Spree#5. She expected to receive the stocks within 3 weeks after ordered & paid for her order. From my site, I had stated stocks will arrive 3 to 4 weeks. Obviously not counting from the day she make her payment, isn't it? She scolded vulgar at me & forced me to refund money to her. -.- (Of course I didn't refund money to her as my T&C stated very clearly)

All stocks had been arrived on last week & I had mailed out to her. She had received it and now, she complain that the dress is different from the picture. The picture that she attached is totally different from the dress that I had sent to her and the tag is being removed. It's obviously that she took a SAME colour dress and took picture of it to expect for refund, isn't it?

She gave me a LAME reason that she thought the dress is same as the picture. So she removed the tag. To be honest, when everyone receive the stocks, they will 1st look at the dress & try it before remove the tag. It's common sense. -.-

After wasted my precious argue with her, she posted on my Inquiries Board that I scammed her and I'm a useless blogshop owner.

To Misha: Why do you want to be such a loser? Trying to defame me for kill your boredom? I'm sorry, I make you disappointed. =(


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Name: Angeline
Contact No: 8415 0577
Reason: Went MIA after ordered 3 ELF Cosmetics

Name: YuLing
Contact Number: 9073 8787
Bank Type & Account Number: Posb Saving Acc 170-20057-8
Order: 7 Apparels from Maymaylu Dreams#4

Reason: Discount already given to her and she keep on begging for more. She's DAMN GREEDY! When I don't give her more discount, she back out her order.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Name: Shirlene
Contact No: 9382 0799
Bank: POSB Savings 228231630
Address: Blk213 Bedok North St. 1 #11-143 S(460213)

Order: 1 pair of Nu-Bra
Reason: Back out order with giving STUPID reason that she scare scam. She requested to order for her 1st & send to her via Register Mail, then she pay to me. LOL! Don't be so naive lar.. [No FREE Lunch in the world]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Name: Joelle Y. Xinni
Contact No:
9155 6251
Order: 5 Bags from PG Mall#8 & 6 Apparels from Maymaylu Dreams#4
Reason: Back Out order [Saying I'm selling very expensive & keep on begging for Free Gifts & Discount]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Name: Shi Hui
Contact No: 8119 0018
Reason: Ordered GEO Lense & Went MIA after asking for payment

Name: Milissa
Contact No: 9029 6411
Bank Type & Account No: POSB 003169588
Reason: Ordered Apparels from Hong Kong Spree#5 & Went MIA after asking for payment

Name: Azmira
Contact No: 9270 5626
Bank Type & Account No: POSB 109-79739-1
Reason: Ordered 2 Bra Clip & Went MIA after asking for payment

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Attitude BS Owner

Name: Sharin
Contact No: 9271 6807
Blogshop URL:
Reason: Back out order unreasonably

She said she need the eye shimmers urgently. It's my fault as I'm busy & cannot meet her. [This is nonsense]

We suppose to meet on 27 Feb 12.15pm at Bukit Batok Mrt Station. When I was there, she didn't turn up.

On the next morning, I sms-ed her whether she want to meet me. She didn't reply. [I don't feel any sense of urgency from her =/]

On today, 4 March 2010, we have our conversation through msn. She wanted to purchase a bag from my PG Mall#8. When I ask her about the eye shimmers, she say she don't want them.

To Sharin: Your T&C wrote "no back out if the stock is confirmed" and now, what are you doing? Is your T&C place there for nothing? Please don't point " _l_ " at me. Go reflect yourself before pointing " _l_ " at others, 14 Year Old kid.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Name: Shi Hui
Contact No: 842620**
Reason: Cancel order

Sunday, January 10, 2010

SCAMMER + Attitude SUCKS BS Owner

Name: Joyce
Contact No: 9773 0936

1. Weak Communication Skill / Weak English
2. BAD Attitude
3. Irreasponsible
4. Unreasonable
5. Dishonest
6. No sense of Urgency
7. LOVE to make up story

This is our story goes by..

I'd ordered & paid 2 Skinnies from her on Early Dec 09, 1 Super Skinny & 1 Exit Skinny. Before I ordered from her, I read carefully on her T&C & I even spoke up to clear my doubts. Below are my screenshots from email.

Her Site T&C

On Yesterday, I sms her again in early morning for Sun meet-up. (No reply from her when I sms to her on Sat) At first, I doesn't know there's Pending LRT Station. And I ask what time for meet-up & which LRT Station.

She replied: "Wtf? How many times you want me to say pending, pending"

Do you think you will know what is she trying to say? & I'm her "customer". How can she scold vuglar at me? Then I brust my anger at her & double check with her my refund amount.

Supposely, she should refund $12.50 (Dark Denim Super Skinny not Available) but she tell me $10.50 only. Then she tell me that the Exit Skinny increase from $15 to $17. I've paid 1 month ago & she still have her cheek to ask for more.

I threatened to refund my $12.50. Guess what she say? She say she's closing her blogshop so she refund $12.50 to me. And meet-up time is 3pm or 5pm.

I'm working during that time. So I ask my customer, Ezann to help me to collect from her. (She's very nice! ;D) I sms to Joyce at 12pm+ that Ezann will collect from her at 3pm.

At 3pm, I sms to Ezann whether she have collected from her. Ezann told me that Joyce said I last min inform her. (I think she purposely late & trying to push the blames at me)

Ezann wait for her about 45 min & she finally arrive. Guess wad? She didn't brought my skinny & she only have a few coins with her.

After that, she went home and get my skinny. Around 4pm, Ezann finally collected my skinny & $12.50 coins.

She s0o poor thing. =( [She have to dig the coins from her piggy bank to return money to me]

Screen Shot from Email

Name: Asyiqin
Contact No: 8399 97**
Reason/s: Cancel Order [No $$ is not a good reason to cancel your order]

Name: Sharon
Contact No: 8364 1063
Reason/s: Drag her payment & then went MIA

Name: Madeline
Contact Number: 9172 4851
Blogshop URL:
Reason/s: Went MIA after asking for payment

Name: Lyn
Reason/s: Went MIA after sending a reminder of making paymen

Name: Alby
Contact No: 9382 9784
Reason/s: Went MIA

Name: Valencia
Contact No: 82820729
Bank Account No: Posb savings 209-68231-1
Reason/s: Previously wanted to cancel order & then went MIA [She just own a Blogshop]

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Worst Customer!!

Name: Jeremy
Contact Number: 8364 7656
Everything settled & he want to cancel his order on the next day [T&C Stated NO Cancellation Allow]

He's very rude and it's his fault, he still dare to scold vulgar at me. [Good to describe him as 没家教]

(Please Click to Enlarge)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Name: Vanessa
Contact No: 8308 7706
Reason: Went MIA after order Bomber Jacket from my HK Spree#3

Name: Melinda
Contact No: 9865 2911
Reason: Went MIA after order M2pc Jersey Dress from my HK Spree#3

Name: Felicia
Contact No: 9715 8557
Reason: Went MIA after order 2pc Print Tee & Tank from my HK Spree#3

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Name: Isabel Ho
Contact No: 94566062
Mode of Collection: Normal Postage
Bank Type & Account No: POSB 002-82199-0
Address: Blk 673, Hougang Ave 8 #04-655 S'PORE (530673)

Ordered: Studded Halter Dress
Reason: Went MIA

Claiming to do bank transfer on 23 July 6pm. After that, she went MIA.

Name : Clara
Contact number : 66188503 [House Phone]

Ordered: Bomber Jacket & Eye Shimmer
Reason: Went MIA

Give all sort of reasons that she can't Bank transfer & do deposit at Bank. After that, she went MIA.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shame of you!!

Name: Wei Li
Hp No:
Reason: Last Min cancel her order when my Dreams#2 closed
She had given all sort of reason she cannot do transaction =.=

Name: Jaslyn Ng Shi Hui
Hp No:
Reason: Went MIA, SMS & Email to her, no reply
She own a BS before. As a BS owner, SHE SHOULD know after sending order, NO Back Out OR Went MIA is allowed! (A SUPER Negative Buyer or BS Owner)
Because this is her 3rd time send in her order. She will last min change location/day during the same meet-up date.

Name: Melinda
Contact No: 90038770
Bs Link:
Reason: Wanted to cancel her Order & I asked for her payment, she didn't reply my email. -.-
She expect me to help her pay 1st =.=
Given her $0.60 discount, still went MIA. Such a CHEAPO!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shame on you!!

Name: Zhen Ying
HP No:
Reason: When my SkyBlue Spree about to close, she went MIA. SMS & Email to her, no reply.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shame on you!!

Name: Lyn
HP No:
Reason: Claimed to transfer deposit of $20 to my Bank on 3 Apr. But yet, I didn't received ANY SINGLE cent from her

Beware of this lady. She said she want to purchase NRWZD instocks badly & asking for a discount. Since she's buying in bulk, I have given the discount to her.

Why do I blacklist her?
I have been waited patiently for 16 DAYS! Is it SOO DIFFICULT to walk to ATM machine to transfer money to me? I suppose your house nearby AT LEAST have 1 ATM machine, right? Since you doesn't take your initiative to transfer $20 to me, I'll do some action. =)


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Irresponsible Blogshop Owner [Although she has apologized to me]

Blog Shop Link: [Blogshop has been removed]

Contact No: 823312**

School: Hill View Sec Sch

Reason: Back out after I help her to pay 50 Eye Shimmer

She ordered 50 Eye Shimmer and keep begging me to help her pay first. I kept saying "no" to her. But I don't wish to disappoint her. I told her that I can help her to pay first, but I have to charge her at $1 each as it will consider as instock when she collect them. She promised to me that she won't back out.

After I had collected the Eye Shimmer, I email to her and she told me that she's only free on first week of January.

During the first week of January, I sms-ed to her regards the collection and payment of Eye Shimmer. She said she can do meet-up with me on Wed 2pm at Bukit Batok Mrt Station.

On Wed 1.45pm, I sms-ed to her and she said she's sick. So end up, we disn't meet each other.

Recently, she sms-ed to me that she want to cancel her order.

I replied to her: No, sorry.. I had helped you to pay first le.. When do you want to collect?

She replied: I thought it's instock.

I replied: If it's an instock, there won't be enough eye shimmer colour for you. And I believe that you cannot back out after you have sent in order.

On Sun, 18 Jan 09, I sms-ed to her to confirm with her order.

I sms-ed to her: Hi, do you still want the eye shimmers? I'm not forcing you to buy it from me. But I'm strongly encourage you to buy it as it's not a small number. If you were in my shoes, what will you feel? Please be responsible. *Smiling Face*

She replied: I want to cancel. Sorry..

What a responsible blogshop owner, huh? She's still a blogshop owner leh.. She can't even spare a thought to others -.-

Maybe I'm too naive to believe these kind of person. I WON'T help anyone to pay first next time!

If anyone got scammed by her, please email to me if you need any help. =)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bad Service Blogshop Owner!!

Name: Stef
Hp No: 81802308

Why Do I Want to Blacklist Her?

1. Irresponsible
2. Low IQ
3. Low EQ
4. Attitude Problem
5. She loves to take her own Sweet-Time doing things!
6. Her English WEAK like hell!
7. She loves to go MIA regularly and she will give excuse: ' Sorry, my hp is lost. So I went MIA-ed'
8. No manners

I get eyeshimmers supply from her. She took more than a month to arrive! During that period, I had sms and email to her a lot of time! But none of reply get from her. I went to her blogshop and take a look. Her advertisement board was flooded with a lot of conversation from her customers. They say she's a scammer.

A few days later, she FINALLY replied. She claimmed that her hp was lost. So she went MIA-ed. What a stupid excuse, isn't it? If her hp was lost, she still can reply our emails. Common sense, right? Then, nevermind.

She don't even took her initiative to inform us when the eyshimmers had arrived! Until, I sms to her about when does the eyeshimmers arrive, then she told me that the eyeshimmers had arrived. Ain't she very irresponsible?

After that, I told her I want to do meet-up with her at Hougang Mrt Station on Sat, 25 Oct 5pm for collection the night before. She replied, "Can 4? x:" I replied to her, "ok."

On 25 Oct, I'm in MRT about 8 stop before Hougang MRT Station, I sms to her about what I'm wearing and so on. Then she replied, " Are you 4pm de? We meeting at where? Orders? " The first thing that cross my mind is ' WTH?! She don't even know I'm doing meet-up with her on today and she haven't prepare my items yet!? '

I sent my orders through sms to her again. Then she replied, "Huh. Can come Holy Innocent's Pri?" I replied," Didn't I told you I want to do meet-up with you at Hougang MRT Station last night? And your blogshop wrote FOC meet-up at Hougang Mrt Station. By the way, I don't know how to get there and it's very troublesome to get there."

Until I reached Hougang MRT Station, no reply from her. I sms to her to come to Hougang Mrt Station politely. She FINALLY replied," I only do meet-up at Holy Innocent's Pri. " I replied," Please come Hougang Mrt Station. Don't waste my time." Then no reply from her again!

I called her, she picked up. These are our conversation.

Stef: I only meet-up at Holy Innocent's Pri. I'm doing meet-up at Hougang Mrt Station during school day.

Me: Didn't your blogshop wrote you are doing meet-up at Hougang Mrt Station? And you have to keep your words.

Stef: I forget to update mah! (She start to give me attitude)

Me: This is not a excuse. You should have updated long ago. (Secondary students having holiday after 23 Oct) I don't care what shit excuses you want.

She immediately hang up. No manners, right?

5.15 pm, I sms to her, "If you don't want to come Hougang Mrt Station, nevermind. I want to get back my full amount of refund by 26 Oct. Or else, the police will look for you at your door-step." She replied,"Yourself who don't wana to come okays. Blame yourself la."

I don't know she has Short Term Memory or what. I had sms to her earlier that I don't know how to get there!

Then I sms to her that I will give her 45 cents as bus fare if she come to Hougang Mrt Station now. She started to make up story. She replied,"It's not money matter. I don't like crowded places." I replied,"I don't know how to get there. Unless you lead the direction. Please sms to me in details." She replied,"Maybe it's because of having too much pressure. Thus, I began to avoid people and doesn't want to go out anymore. Please help me, and I will of course tell you the directions. That's only necessary."

I ask her what's the direction. She said It's ok, I'll come to the Mrt with my mother now.

15 Min later, she sms to me,"There's no orange." I replied,"I'm wearing a black and white strip top and a short jeans."

She called me and spoke to me with attitude.

Stef: There's No Orange!

Me: Huh? Are you refering to the eyeshimmer?

Stef: Ya.

Me: Can I get my refund?

Stef: You cannot call your customers meh!?

Me: I don't have their contact number right now and I can't make any decisions for them.

She hung.

She said she's coming, why she's still packing the eyshimmers? Is she taking her own Sweet-Time? I thought she had reached and she said she can't find anyone wearing orange top. -.-

This can shows how she communicate to others. I believe 1 out of 10 people can understand what she's trying to say.

After that, she's FINALLY reached Hougang Mrt Station about 5.50pm to 6pm!! I had wasted almost 2 hrs waiting for her!!

So everyone, Please Don't get supply or buy any items from her! You will end up wasting your time to entertain her and she had HIGH probablity to cheat your money! Because she keep going MIA. Who will know what's her plan next?

That's all for today =)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hall of Shame Tsk Tsk...

Yesterday, Mika send a FRIEND(GUY) to call me.. What a shame.. Tsk tsk.. She's trying to get a guy to scare me. -.-

Since you say "I don't mind you blacklist me", what for get a guy to speak to me? Are you trying to get someone to cover your butt? If you want to have private talk about the BLACKLIST, just call me personally. Don't get those innocent people to get involve in OUR AFFAIR. Can't you be more mature and independent? Stop being a mummy-girl.. Lolx!!

Look at her blogshop!! *Laughs*

I had blacklisted her since 29 Sept, she now then blacklist me on yesterday evening -.- Slow~
If you think you are "VICTIM", you should blacklist me at first! Lmao!! Stop making up a story. Since you LOVES to make up a story, why don't you write a script to Mediacorp?

Please don't try to get other people's sympathy. You will get sympathy from others IF you are one of the beggar on the streets!

Since she LOVES to accuse me of CHEATING her money, I'll let her be. Because I can't stop/change her thinking.. BUT, those people who always think others want to cheat her, they are usually the ONE who cheat people's money!

Here's the proof that I had sent her item. (she finally make up her mind to collect her items by Reg Mail on yesterday)

All these are the PROOF that I had posted her item. Do you think I'm a scammer?
Hey, immature girl, please don't say things without any proof. There's no white-talk in the world! If you think I cheat your money, why don't you make police report? Tsk tsk..

Oh, ya! Mika, thanks for your compliment on my english! I think my english is not as good as what you think, just that your english is weak. WAHAHA!!!

She say I charge her more expensive than other blogshops. This is how I charge to those people who get supply from me. If you are not happy with the price, why don't you get supply from others? What a stupid excuse that "because I have certain items you are interested at"? Anyway, choice is your's, you can't blame anyone. [This is what I mean she's a kid because kids usually will push all the blames on others]
I only earn on 15% of the apparels price in NT. 1 Dollar plus or less only leh.. Are you poor until like that? Anyway, there's NO FREE LUNCH in the world!

By the way, all items from spree will reach about 1 to 2 months. It's on my Terms and conditon. I doubt you glance at it. Most of the blogshop wrote on their blogshop that all items will arrive about 1 to 2 month. Please stop living in your cave, start to get out of your cave and look at the world! Oh! If you want to get your items fast, why don't you buy a air ticket and fly over there?
You will get all of your items within 24 hours! Lolx!!

Mika, I'm sorry to disappoint you.. =(
Do you think I will change my blogskin just for the blacklist? You think you are VIP ar? Lolx.. I change my blogskin not because my blog look crummy. It's because there's some error on the codes in my blogskin.

To all customers: IF you want to buy any items from her, please OPEN YOUR BIG EYES before place any orders. =D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hall of Shame Tsk Tsk...

Fake name: Mika
Hp No: 83882576/81619426
Blogshop Email: Koizorax3@Hotmail.Com
Personal Email:

Congrats! You are the ONE and ONLY lucky Blacklister on my Blogshop!!

Guess why she dun display her real name on her blogshop? Mayb because she felt ashame of her real name. BEWARE OF HER!! There's higher percentage that she is a scammer!

What had happened?

This girl UNREASONABLE and IRRESPONSIBLE. Why? She should DOUBLE Check her items' URL before place any order and she accuse me of CHEATING her money. Didn't my T&C stated Incorrect orders/Incomplete Info in orders would in result of confiscation OR cancellation orders?

Mayb she has problems on reading ENGLISH words or her eyes has problems. So I must forgive this problematic girl.. Therefore, I transfer the money back to her.

You know wad?? I dunno this girl loves to act cute or act blur.. She send 6 Items to me from BlytheZoo(she get supply from me). I had stated on my supply rate that all people who want to get my supply rate must cap AT LEAST 5 ITEMS PER SPREE. Her OOS items are 4/6. WOW~!!! So I only can help her to get 2 items(Not selling in my supply rate). Then she say, "Huh? Not 5 items in any spree meh?" Then she want to cancel her orders and she had already transferred the money to me. I have the right to confiscate her money right?

Then she say she has not confirm her orders with me. IF she haven confirm her orders with me, why she transfer the money to me?? EVEN a primary school kids also will know that transfer money = confirm order. After that, she accuse me of cheating her money. LOLX!! No logic! No excuse le, then say this.. -.-

Only kids will talk like this.. 16 years old le leh, still talk like a kid.. Tsk tsk.. Not enough hormone ar?

By the way, if I want to cheat her money, do you think I will ask when she's free to collect her arrived items? This girl has no brain!

So everyone MUST BEWARE OF HER. Mayb 1 day, you send your orders to her, she will act BLUR and she will say she did not receive your payment!

That's all about her for today. =D